Founded in 2012 by Minnesota Hip-Hop Artist, Nate Millyunz (Nathan John Mills) and his hype man, Joe Ojedta, the term “SWUEGO” was created from the words swag and fuego. The mission of the SWUEGO movement is to extract confidence from swag and set fire (Fuego) to the rest of it. SWUEGO is for individuals who crave creativity and originality in their style. The persona of Swuego is that of an “anything goes” attitude.

“In today’s world, people are always judging other people for what they wear, the type of music they listen to, or the current lifestyle they lead, etc. People judge as to whether or not you meet their version of being “swag”. Our goal is to encourage others to ‘fuck that bullshit and leave it behind’. The Swuego family is about people being comfortable being themselves, without worrying about what other people think. “ –Nate Millyunz

In 2013, Nate Millyunz launched the first SWUEGO product sales on his music website catering to his hoard of LaFaMillyunaire fans. In April of 2014, the first ever SWUEGO website was launched. Currently, the online clothing company offers T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Snapbacks, Beanies, Fedoras, Yoga Pants and accessories. When you visit the SWUEGO online store, you might even find a few designs from Nate’s LaFaMillyunaires line.

“We hope to grow and begin working with big name fashion designers in the future. We both have the creativity to work with designers to create our own product designs and that is our long-term strategy. In the interim, we hope that our supporters will continue to buy our merchandise and share the SWUEGO experience.” –Joe Ojeda